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“A first in Turkey, Via Gelato prides itself on brining you the unique taste of world-famous Italian ice creams since 2002..."

100% natural produce and fresh fruits

Our founder Mukbil Yalcin received his education in various schools across Italy on gourmet ice cream and sorbet and worked extensively on the area. Furthermore, he worked in various positions at several ice-cream companies in Italy to be able to fully grasp the ‘gelato artigianale’ technique, a world famous method, so that this unique technique can be brought to our country in its original form. In 2002, he decided to put this extensive knowledge and insight into Via Gelato and made sure the company always kept loyal to principles of all-natural production, excellence and freshness, with a goal of constant improvement in quality and product variety.

Today with more than 500 different varieties, Via Gelato serves both corporate world and individual ice-cream fans with its retail stores and points of sales.


To give a very generalized description, ice cream is a frozen desert made usually of milk.

What sets Via Gelato apart from competition is its freshness and all-natural ingredients. Unlike ice cream produced in winter and served in summer, Via Gelato ice cream is produced upon your order.

A delectable, healthy ice cream with low fat and sugar

The ingredients used in Via Gelato have low sugar and fat ratios and therefore are suitable for consumption by people of any age.

An abundance of fresh fruits like no other ice cream

Fruits are carefully and meticulously picked by our purchasing officers and no artificial flavors are used. It is merely fruits and they are used to the utmost limit to achieve our famous ice-cream texture. For this reason, it is possible to say that Via Gelato fruit ice-creams are actually fruit turned into an ice-cream, rather than fruit flavored ice-cream.

Via Gelato uses milk cream for the fat that is required for ice-cream making. We avoid use of cheap fat that can be sometimes used by other brands to replace milk cream.

Mass production companies usually have very high amounts of air in their ice creams. Yet, Via Gelato has also very low air inside its ice creams. That’s why our ice cream can offer that true ice cream experience with unique flavors and special texture.

Via Gelato ice creams can be confidently consumed in winter. Make sure to include it on your dinner table.