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Dondurma Hali


To produce the unique taste of Via Gelato, we pick the freshest, highest quality produce and take care to use them in the maximum amounts possible to offer the best ice-cream experience possible.
Most ice cream companies compensate imperfections in flavor with artificial flavors, which is most of the time due to little use of real ingredients. At Via Gelato, the ingredients that lend the flavor are used to the utmost levels to make sure that there is no need for artificial flavoring.

For that reason, when you scoop up a pistachio ice-cream,

you are actually eating ice-cream version of the pistachio,

an ice-cream version of chocolate,

or an ice-cream version of fruits.

All the hundreds of different flavors of Via Gelato are offered to you and your beloved ones in the exact preciseness and meticulousness.


Via Gelato is always aiming at the top in terms of quality, taste and freshness.

The top chefs of the world have contributed to unique taste of Via Gelato with their expertise and insight, helping produce that very special Via Gelato experience.

This premium taste,
chosen by many 5-star hotels and top restaurants for the past 14 years,
is now available in retail stores.


With more than 500 varieties, Via Gelato has one of the highest number of ice-cream varieties among all the ice cream companies in the world.

Milk, fruit and kosher sorbets will be produced on demand and delivered to your address.





Via Gelato ice creams are produced with real milk and real fruit. It takes its colors from fruits, not colorants.

It doesn't melt and disappear quickly in the mouth because it has a very low amount of air.
Its fat content is taken from natural milk cream, not from solid, unhealthy fats.

It is 100% natural, and doesn't have unhealthy ingredients like glucose, fructose, colorants, trans fats, emulsifiers.